• 6mm 70gr Hollow Point Boat Tail

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Designed specifically for record-breaking accracy, the 70 grain matchking quickly established itself as the bullet to beat in High power competitions out to 400 yards. So well, in fact, that it is the only bullet offered in the famous 6mm PPC factory load. With sierra's traditional precision designed in the #1505 HPBT gained wide and immediate acceptance. Though not specifically recommended for this purpose, it is widely used by varmint hunters. In handguns chambering 6mm cartridges, the 70 grain #1505 matchking bullet, which was designed as a bench rest bullet, is suitable for targets out to medium range. This bullet has the famous matchking qualities of precise concentricity and uniformity, and it delivers incredible accuracy. This bullet is an excellent choice for the NRA half-size sihouettes. Although they are recongnized around the world for record-setting accuracy. Matchking bullets are not recommended for hunting. Widley favoured for thier extreme accuracy, these bullets have been used for short-range varminiting. Having heavier jackets, they will not provide the expolsive expansion of the lightly jacket hornet or Blitz bullets at equivalent velocities in small varmints. If used for varmint shooting, ranges should be kept short to ensure precise shot placement.

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6mm 70gr Hollow Point Boat Tail

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