Fees & Postage Charges


  • All products online DO NOT include postage to the consumer’s destination unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • Postage for each order is estimated upon purchase and will be charged accordingly after notifying the customer.
  • ALL firearms that are posted to a dealer are required to be posted with SOD (Signature on delivery) and will have a tracking number attached. This will be included in your estimated postage price.
  • All items over the price of $50 are required to have a tracking number which will result in an increase in the overall postage amount. This amount is not negotiable and neither is the attached tracking number option.
  • Items that are valued less the $50 will not be posted with a tracking number unless specifically stated by the consumer and paid for accordingly. We are not responsible for any loss or damage of items that have were sent without a tracking number.
  • Cowboy Guns and Gear is not held liable for the loss or damage of any items after they have been dispatched to Australia Post. All items posted out over the value of $50 will have a recorded tracking number which will state whether the item has been delivered.
  • All products will be sent out within 48 hours of purchase to Australia Post. We are not required to refund any postage fee if the item takes longer than originally expected or does not arrive indefinitely.
  • We will Express post items upon request and will do our very best to ensure the products get to you in a timely fashion, however Cowboy Guns and Gear is not responsible for the delay of delivery if your destination is out of the express post region or if the product does not arrive during the estimated due date.
  • Cowboy Guns and Gear is not held liable for any increase in postage fees that are under estimated at the time of your original postage quote. This is purely a quote and the consumer will be responsible for any outstanding postage amounts that are owed before the item will be released.
  • If the consumer wishes to insure their item during the postage term then they must state so before the item is sent and additional costs will apply. This is only done upon request.