Laybuy Policy


We only offer our layby option in store and over the phone, not through our online store.  If a customer proceeds to place a product on layby they must agree to the below layby terms:

  • A minimum of 20% deposit is required on a product that is in stock at the time of the original purchase.
  • A minimum of 30% deposit is required if Cowboy Guns and Gear needs to specifically order a product in store that is not already in stock or is something that is not a regular product within the store. If the distributor of this product currently has this item of backorder no money will be taken until such time that it returns in stock to the distributor. Cowboy Guns and Gear hold no responsibility for items that have been discontinued or have not come in to stock by the estimated due date.
  • A lay-by at Cowboy Guns and Gear is valid for 3 months from the exact date that the original deposit is made.
  • There is a Termination fee of 20% of the OVER ALL LAY-BY COST if the lay-by is cancelled for any reason or not paid within the due date of their 3 month layby term. This date is clearly stated at the bottom of the original purchase receipt and on every consecutive payment made after the original purchase.
  • The customer will receive all amounts paid on the lay-by BESIDES the 20% Termination fee amount advised at the time of the original purchase if the item is cancelled.
  • We will attempt to contact the customer a week before their termination date to remind them of the due amount. If after the termination date the lay-by has not been paid in full then Cowboy Guns and Gear will attempt to contact you weekly for two weeks, after such time the lay-by amount has not been paid in full then Cowboy Guns and Gear is not required to refund any amounts paid of the lay-by to the current date under the Australian consumers law and the customers contract with the product on lay-by will be cancelled.
  • Under no circumstances will a product belonging to Cowboy Guns and Gear leave the premise until the total amount owed on Lay-by is paid in full and all contracts surrounding the current lay-by has ended.
  • Cowboy guns and gear reserves all rights to cancel a customer’s lay-by for any reason at any time. In the instance of this circumstance ALL money paid including the 20% termination fee will be refunded to the customer without question or argument.
  • All goods partially or wholly paid for will be stored at Cowboy Guns and Gear for a total of 3 months after the layby terms. Thereafter they will incur a $20 storage fee per month per firearm and $10 per month per order.