• 6.5mm 120gr Hollow Point Boat Tail

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The 6.5mm / .264 inch bore has recently enjoyed a resurgence of interest. Several rifle manufacturers currently produce 6.5x55mm sporters, exposing a new generation of shooters to this famous old scandinavian service and hunting cartridge. Competitive highpower and silhouette shooters have also shown grear interest in the 6.5mm bore size. The 120 grain #1725 bullet is designed for benchrest and highpower competitions to 600 yards in medium capacity 6.5mm rifle cartridges. In handgun, the 120 grain #1725 matchking bullet has been very successful on the silhouette range and has proven itself on other targets. Because of its high ballisitic coefficient, it deilvers high momentum downrange and has low sensitivity to crosswinds. It has been the choice of handgun shooters worldwide. Although they are recognized around the world for record setting accuracy, matchking bullets are not recommended for hunting.


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6.5mm 120gr Hollow Point Boat Tail

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