• 25 Cal 100gr Hollow Point Boat Tail

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This 100 grain 25 caliber HPBT matchking bullet #1628 has been designed with the characteristic matchking quality features, a thin jacket for concentricity and uniformity, and precise weight control. It is appropriate for cartridges like the 257 Roberts improved, 25-06, 257 Weatherby magnum and 1x10" twist 250-3000 savage. Although they are recongnized around the world for record-setting accuracy, Matchking bullets are not recommended for hunting. Widely favored for their extreme accuracy, these bullets have been used for short-range varminting. Having heaver jackets, they will not provide the explosive expansion of the lightly jacketed hornet or blitz bullets at equivalent velocities in small varmints. If used for varmint shooting, ranges should be kept short to ensure precise shot placement.

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25 Cal 100gr Hollow Point Boat Tail

  • Product Code: S1628
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