• 30 Cal 165gr Spitzer Boat Tail

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For rifles in 30 cal, these bullets are designed for medium-to long-range hunting with cartridges having medium to large case capacities for powder. These bullets often displat match grade accuracy from accurate hunting rifles. The famous sierra spitzer boat tail shape assures flat trajectory, excellent resistance to crosswinds and vertical winds, and maximum energy delivery to the target. Good penetration and expansion are characteristic of these bullets even at the reduced impact velocities at long range. With the weight range avaliable, at least one of these bullets will prove ideal for almost any 30 caliber cartridge. The 165 grain bullet is best suited to medium game at all velocity levels, and game the size of elk could be taken with confiedence providing velocity doesn't exceed 3000 fps and the range is limited to about 300 yards. In handguns chambering 30 caliber cartridges, prior tot he introduction of the Remington Model XP-100 utilizing larger rifles cartridges, the usefulness of these bullets was limited. Now, these bullets have a very definite niche as suprerbly accurate hunting bullets. Previously considered "too hard" for expansion, they perform well at the 2500 fps muzzle velocities achievable in the 308 winchester and larger cartridges. Ease of loading an dprecise concentricity contributes to their ecvellent accuracy. Sierra's spitzer Boat tail design assures flat trajectory and high energy delivery downrange with low sensitivity to crosswinds and vertical winds. These bullets are suitable for varmints through large game at all ranges a prudent handgunner would normally attempt.

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30 Cal 165gr Spitzer Boat Tail

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