• Predatek 65mm Moonraker - Mulga Frog

Product Information:

The predatek M65 Moonraker is a durable surface lure designed for Australian bass. It also attracts Murray Cod, Jungle Perch, Sooty grunter & sandflates flathead.

  • Paddles vigorusly and audibly with a tratalising articulated action
  • Makes plopping sounds and leaves a bubble trail
  • Ideal weight for easy and accurate casting
  • Tough moulded construction and quality hardware that will not let you down 
  • Available with clear or black paddling bib
  • Made by aussies
Lure Type Paddler
Weight 12g
Hook Size #4
Body Length 65mm


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Predatek 65mm Moonraker - Mulga Frog

  • Product Code: MR65CMF
  • $31.00

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