• OTIS Firearm Surface Prep

Product Information:

Carbon, grease and grit can hide in the most hard-to-reach places. Use firearm surface prep to safely clear these contaminants without disassembling your firearm.

This bio-based formula cleans fast with rinsing required.

  • Blasts away hard-to-reach contaminants so you can clean your gun without disassembly
  • Removes Carbon, Debris, Grease and hardened oils
  • No Rinsing required - just wipe away


  1. Use the otis firearm surface prep to blasr away contaminants from the firearm
  2. Wipe of excess and lubricate with Otis firarm lubricant.


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OTIS Firearm Surface Prep

  • Product Code: IP-910-A-FSP
  • $29.00

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