• Nitecore NU35 Headlamp 460 Lum Built in battery or 3x AAA

Product Information:

  • Ideal for various working environments: inspection / maintenance, emergency / rescue, industrial / construction
  • 460 Lumens Primary White Light: Utilizes a Cree XP-G3 S3 LED with a total reflective optic lens to emit a uniform and soft beam, ideal for search & resure, industrial maintenance, emergency, construction and more
  • Ultra smooth truevision flood beam: As a simulation of the natural sunlight, the priumary light of the NU35 offers an unprecedented illumination experience to uts users. The lens is precisely calculated to provide a consistent illuminance in order to eliminate the central hotspot. It greatly eases the visual fatigue and facilitates a clear view during the long-time use.
  • Auxiliary Red light: The red light can effectively protect the night vision. It is indepndently controlled by the R button and ideal for wildlife observation, astronomy, emergency response and night photography
  • Axuiliary High CRI White Light: Suitable for short-range illumination while reading, camping or in an emergency of power shortage.
  • Color Rendering Capability (CRI): The NU35 is equipped with auxiliary LEDs with high color rendering capability allowing for a warm and soft hotspot that resembles the nature of sunlight and giving a sharp visual while reducing eye strain. 
  • Dual Switch design: 4 brightness levels / 3 light sources / 3 special modes
    • Turbo = 460 Lumens
    • High = 210 Lumens
    • Mid = 38 Lumens
    • Low = 1 Lumens
    • Red High = 12 lumens
    • Red Low = 2 lumens
    • Red warning Flashing = 12 lumens
    • Beacon = 460 Lumens
    • SOS = 460 Lumens

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Nitecore NU35 Headlamp 460 Lum Built in battery or 3x AAA

  • Product Code: NU35
  • $79.00

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