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The pinnacle in premium performance socks.

The apex are made in New Zealand from our cutting-edge blend powered by Nuyarn Merino. Nuyarn offers moisture management, odour control and softness. The nuyarn is knitted on the inside so you get the full benefit of this performance fibre against your skin.

The apex design is shaped to the contours of your lower leg, ankle and foot. This means the sock locks in place with minimal bunching and movement, resulting in maximum comfort and greatly reduced room for blistering. The foot-mapped design places increased padding in the high-contact areas and thinner weaves in between for maximum contour and breathability.

You simply shouldn't put cheap tube socks on one of the most important parts of your body in the mountains. High-quality socks a world of difference on hard-working feet, and the apex are the top of the game.

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Hunters Element Apex Socks

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