• 45 Cal .458 250gr Monoflex

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The new monoflex bullet. The lever evolution continues! By combining the technologies of the GMX and FTX bullet design, the new monoflex bullet gives lever gun shooters the advantages of a monolithic bullet topped with the innocative dlex tip technology that allows hunters to load pointed bullets into tubular magazines without danager of primers being ignited under recoil. Constructed of copper alloy, monoflec bullets offer hunters a solid that won't separate, and when recovered retains 95% of its original weight.

Copper alloy differs from solid copper in that it is harder, tougher and does not foul or increase pressure that way solid copper bullets do. It also contributes to devastating power. Upon impact, the patented flex tip design opens the bullet, initiating immediate expansion, even at the lower velocities often encountered in mid-to-long range lever gun shooting situations. Its deep penetration, high weight retention and unbeatale power combine to produce yet another accurate, deadly and dependable choice for lever gun hunters.

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45 Cal .458 250gr Monoflex

  • Product Code: H45010
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