• 44Cal .430 225gr FTX (Pistol)

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Hornady offers the same flex tip technology for handguns that recolutionized lever guns. Typical hollow point pistol bullets deliver good performance at modest velocities, but have a tenfency to expand too quickly and sacrifice penetration at the higher velocities achieved with lever actions rifles. Hornady FTX bullets achieve reliable expansion over a wide range of velocities. Upon impact the FTX tip is compressed into the front of the bullet, casusing the bullet to expand and transfer immediate energy for a devastating temporacry cavity even at low velocity.


Design patented flex tip design is safe in all tubular magazines. Technology Flex tip technology delivers controlled expansion across a broad range of velocities. Trajectory delivers that flattest trajectories ever from lever guns. Jacketed design controls expanson and enhances accuracy.

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44Cal .430 225gr FTX (Pistol)

  • Product Code: H44105
  • $120.00

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