• Gatco Tri-Seps Serration Sharpener

Blade magazines accessory of the year in 1999, the ceramic tri-seps is one of our favorites for carrying in our pocket or on our packs and to have in the tool box.  A very handy and small tool, only 4.5 inches long, to have in the field, it allows you to quickly and accurately touch up your straight blades, serrated blades and a variety of tools with pointed tips.

This ceraamic portable pocket sharpener is designed to be really fast.  It's trianglar shape as corners with two radius sizes for rebeveling both large and small serrations.

And the end caps have a built-in angle guide to quickly restore a sharp edge - it's like having a crock-stick style sharpener tucked in your shirt pocket.

It also features two groove sizes for fish hooks, darts, ice picks, scribes, awls and other pointed instruments. 

Sharpens both plain and serrated blades.

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Gatco Tri-Seps Serration Sharpener

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