• MaxBox II Magnetic Gun Rest

The MaXbox II is a light weight, Magnetic, cubic shaped, compact, gun rest with magnets included in four faces of the block. Designed to be used in many applications the MaXbox II is now better built and includes a carry strap for better portability. The magnets are now bigger and stronger.

  • Shooting accurately from a vehicle: Gives the shooter better height, cover more area, saves ammo due to better accuracy, thus being more effective in eradicating pests or predators
  • Accurate bench shooting: Being made of a soft material the MaXbox II avoids muzzle jump. The balanced, center mounted rest gives a shooter a true shot
  • Enhanced track ability: No skipping while trying to track moving targets
  • Magnet Upgrade: Holds to vehicle at higher speeds
  • Light weight: weighing approx. 330 grams
  • Wont damage rifle stocks or vehicle paint (note: use with caution and keep surfaces clean)

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MaxBox II Magnetic Gun Rest

  • Product Code: MaxBoxII
  • $69.00

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