• Primos 'The Can Family Pak' Deer Calls

“THE CAN®” family has truly revolutionidsed deer hunting. The bleats that are reproduced by these calls have been proven to be dramatically successful. Now there is a “CAN®” for any season and condition, so you can take advantage of those special days when you’re in the deer woods, you won’t be disappointed.


  • "THE LIL' CAN" - Uses bleats to call deer during the early season. This reproduces the communication bleats that are so important in the deer's language.
  • "THE ORIGINAL CAN" - Is a unique call that reprodues the mating bleats of Estrus does. 
  • "THE GREAT BIG CAN" - Reproduces the Estrus Bleats, just like the original can, only it is deeper, louder, and longer for long-range calling and windy days.

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Primos 'The Can Family Pak' Deer Calls

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