• Black Belt Bullet Belt and Safety Harness

Eagleye HG Blackbelt 32 Shell Ammo Belt Holster Safety Harness. The right equipment for the hunt. Featuring space for 32 Shells, the Eagleye is the ideal all round belt.

Ideal for Professional and Sporting Shooter

  • Ammo Storage - 32 shot gun shells
  • Multipurpose Bullet Belt
  • Hands Free Gun Sling
  • Sling clip to connect the gun sling
  • Heavy duty Air craft grade Safety Buckle and Strap
  • Strap can be adjusted for length
  • Buckle and Strap features quick release system
  • Strap fits all sizes of roll bars and sports bars
  • Gun Holster / Saddle
  • Gun saddle distributes the weight of the firearm
  • Rifle held upright or laid down
  • Comfortable and Safe
  • Suitable on quads, utes and trail bikes
  • Right and left handed shooters
  • Life time warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Boxed

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Black Belt Bullet Belt and Safety Harness

  • Product Code: Bullet belt and safety Harness
  • $130.00